Edgy, quirky, unconventional, subtle, offbeat, spontaneous wedding photography

The photographs I take at your wedding won’t look like photos from anyone else’s.

Some photographers are really good at replicating photos you see in their portfolio, or the photos you see on Pinterest. (That’s great, if you want predictable photographs from your wedding, but that’s just not me.)

If instead, you are looking for a photographer who will see your wedding as unique and produce photos that document the moments that make your day special, in ways that surprise and delight, then you’ve found the right wedding photographer.

Celebrating community.

You see your wedding as a time to celebrate the person you love with the community of people who love you. (Otherwise, you would just go to the courthouse and tie the knot.)

So instead of hiring a photographer who will spend your wedding day following the two of you, you’ll choose one who will also focus her camera on the friends and family who have gathered to share the love.

If you’re looking for honest photos of the two of you having the time of your lives and friends and family cheering you on, then: