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Stephan & Bonnie are photographer in Bora Bora

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Stephan & Bonnie – Photographers in Bora Bora
Stephan is a dual citizen of US & France and Bonnie is native from Hong Kong.
Land & water photography | Honeymoon Sessions | Couples | Portraits | Families | Weddings – Servicing all resorts in Bora Bora as well as those staying on the Main Island.
While we are based in Bora Bora and mostly work in French Polynesia, we occasionally shoot in the US as well as Hong Kong – Being passionate about people and discovering new horizons, this allows us to tie leisure and our passion for photography while traveling.
Alfred Eisenstaedt said, “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” — I could not agree more, this is something I emphasize during every photo session!


Q Can you work with all resorts of Bora Bora?

Yes, we do work with all resorts.

Q Do you work internationally?

Yes, we are available worldwide.

Q How far in advance do we need to book?

Many couples here will decide to have a fun last minute casual photo session prior to be leaving Bora Bora. If you are set on having a session, reserving ahead of time will insure availability.

Q Do you re-touch the photos?

Yes, this is an absolute must; I firmly believe that is any the task of any professional photographer! Any photographer not re-touching or only re-touching a certain amount of photos does not do justice to its clients. ALL the images selected for delivery go through post-production re-touching!

Q What is the most important aspect of a photo shoot and photography?

While composition, exposure and photography techniques are important, capture meaningful and candid expressions and moments of our couples is what we seek.

Q Do you have an option & packages for photos in the water?

Yes, we do. We have several options & packages available, for shooting in the water at your resort or in the lagoon with the wild life.