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Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Guidelines for Guest Bloggers

Do you have an amazing blog post you would like to share? Maybe it is a photography or make-up trick, a step-by-step instruction or a great idea you want to share? Or maybe you are interested in getting extra traffic back to your own blog or website by sharing a retouching tutorial?

Here are a few blog posts we published previously to inspire you:

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Unfortunately, we are not able to publish every post that is submitted. We may decline a guest posting because of it’s quality, timing, topic or conflicts in our editorial calender.

Posting Guidelines and Requirements

Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to make sure your posting has the best chance of being selected.

  • Relevant and fresh topics.
  • Keep in mind that people love solid tips, quick takeaways and mind-blowing insights.
  • Generous use of screenshots and step-by-step tutorials make a post with impact.
  • We will solicit contributions on particular topics periodically throughout the year. Remember that seasonally-relevant posts always do well with our readers.
  • Please only use images that you own! Pictures from Google, Flickr, Pinterest, and the likes are not allowed to be used.


Please send us your article as a word document, including a catchy title and a short bio, along with proper formatting and structure.

You are welcome to include links to other posts you have written on the same topic or to other helpful resources. However, we do not accept keyword links back to third-party businesses unless relevant to your topic, and we do not accept affiliate links. If we feel that there are too many links in a posting, we may edit some out.

We want to keep the layout of our blog consistent. So the title will be incorporated in a picture like this to appear on our website and fonts will be adapted:
How To Become A Wedding Photographer

Word Count

Your post should contain a minimum of 700 words. Keep in mind that, just like yourself, our readers are busy people! Try to convey your message as succinctly as possible. Use subheadings to structure lengthier posts. If your article is longer than 1,000 words think about splitting it into a series and let us know – we like series!


We will edit your post. Nothing major of course, but we will correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. We may change the title of your posting, edit introductions or conclusions, add subheadings for easier reading, or tweak it in other ways to make it more readable. Please know that our edits are not a judgment on your writing! We want to make sure that every post gets the best possible exposure and edits are made with this goal in mind.

Sometimes, we might like the overall concept of a post, but not in the format or style it was submitted in. In these cases, we might return a text for revision. The good news is that we want to work with you and hope that you will be willing to tweak the post accordingly so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Author Bio

Your bio is an important part of the guest post! Once you published a great posting on photognow.com, chances are that our readers will take the time to find out more about you. They will want read your bio, maybe look out for your listing at photognow.com and hopefully visit your own website or social media channels. Hard work always pays off!

Your bio should be 3 to 4 sentences about who you are and what you do. We recommend including a link to your own blog or website as well as your Social Media links. Author bios appear at the bottom of the post.


Are You Ready? Send Us Your Article!