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Frequently Asked Questions

photognow.com is the “yellow pages” for photography-, videography- and make up businesses worldwide.
It is the biggest directory for photographers, videographers and makeup artists.

Are you in this business?

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We are offering a PRO subscription but that’s totally optional.
We would love to see you linking to us, but that’s also not mandatory.

Of course!
Just visit your listing and hit “Claim now” at the bottom right.

We gather this type of information from public records and other sources. Also anyone is allowed to add businesses from around the world to give our visitors the best experience when looking for an professional artist for their event. If you are already listed, you can leave it as it is, claim it (and add your details) or contact us if you don`t want to be in our directory.

We review every single listing. If the business that you added is not a photographer, videographer or makeup artist, your listing won’t be published. This site is only for these businesses!

Yes please!
People can search for category and tags or keywords.

You can add them in in your language or mix them.

Search engines are also indexing tags and keywords.

First of all, this directory isn’t primary to earn money.
I made it, because i couldn’t find one that’s easy to use, not only wedding related and works worldwide.
This is more or less a hobby.

On the other side, this project costs money.
Serverspace, domain, and lots of time.

To get these costs a little covered, i added the “Ads” feature and the “PRO-Plan” (see the details here).
With “Ads” you can book featured premium places for your listing like Random places on Listing Detail Page or Search and Taxonomy ads where you’ll be listed first if someone is looking for your category and/or keywords.
You can also choose Spotlight which brings you on top of the main page.

You will find this in your user dashboard.
Have a look!

No! We are not a photo agency. We don’t buy and we don’t sell pictures.
But if you are interested in earning money with your pictures, we wrote a blog article about it:

Ultimate Guide to Selling Photos Online in 2020

Please have your picture/logo at a minimum size of 370 x 240 px.
This will ensure that your logo won’t be stretched.

We recommend:

  • Media Gallery: 800 x 800 px
  • Feature Image: 1600 px on the longer edge
  • Company Logo: 165 x 165 px

You can upload .jpg or .png files.
150kb per image are more than sufficient to present it sharply.

TIP! Compress your pictures before uploading with SQUOOSH.app .

Because you didn’t upload or set a “Featured Image” or “Business Logo”.

The best and fastest way to get a response to your questions is through “Pixie The Bot” – our chatbot. You can also use the form on the “Contact” page, our photognow.com Facebook Page or simply write us an email.

Please make sure that your URL starts with http:// or https://!

If you are on the free BASIC plan we would love to see a link to photognow.com on your website.

You can decide:

1. A link to “https://photognow.com“.
2. A link to your listing e.g.: “https://photognow.com/listing/stephan-vereno-photography/”
3. Or you can use this badge and link it with one of the first 2 possibilities:

Everything we have to say is:
“Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East.”